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Killer's Choice by Louis Begley



Killer's Choice

Nan A. Talese

August 13, 2019






Reviews Review of Killer's Choice--"'Killer's Choice' an old-fashioned whodunit set in today's high-tech world" by Alfred M. King, November 30, 2019
The East Hampton Star Review of Killer's Choice--"Torture and Fine Dining" by Michael Z. Jody, November 7, 2019
Booklist Review by Donna Seaman--"Begley concludes his crime trilogy (Killer, Come Hither, 2015; Kill and Be Killed, 2016)...featuring Captain Jack Dana. ...This installment begins with the insanely gruesome torture and killing of a wealthy couple who were friends of Jack’s beloved, murdered uncle, followed by the commandeering of Jack’s computer by a revengeful menace issuing dire threats whom Jack—more accurately than he knows—dubs the Monster. ...A preposterous, if neatly rendered and readily consumed, tale of suspense in which elegance counterbalances horror."

Book Jacket Synopsis

With the death of his nemesis, corrupt business mogul Abner Brown, retired Marine Jack Dana thought he could finally return to his peaceful career as a novelist. And after falling hard for Heidi Krohn, the glamorous high-powered lawyer who helped avenge his best friend's death, Jack is beginning to dream of starting a family of his own.

But dark forces intervene to upend Jack's comfortable new life. When two of his Uncle Harry's closest friends are brutally murdered in their own home, Jack swears he will get to the bottom of what could have prompted such a vicious attack. The answers he begins to uncover are shocking. A career criminal, long hidden in the shadows of Abner Brown's organization, has gone rogue after his benefactor's death and has made it his mission to get even with the man who ruined Abner: Jack Dana. With the help of his old friends in the CIA, Jack scrambles to bring down this terrifying new threat, and when Heidi and her family are kidnapped, Jack is forced to make the most painful choice of all.

In Killer's Choice, master stylist Louis Begley returns to Jack's Upper East Side millieu in full force, reprising familiar characters and introducing memorable new faces, and concluding Jack's chilling saga with his most violent crescendo to date.

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