As Max Saw It

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Time "What's the Diffidence?" by Walter Shapiro--April 18, 1994 

Los Angeles Times Book Review "Passion Bubbles Over in a Rarefied World" by Georgia Jones-Davis--April 28, 1994

USA Today "The Transforming Power of Love" by Peter Filkins, June 17, 1994  

Chicago Tribune "Fiction Addiction: Begley's Talents Outshine Dark Subjects of His Novels" by John Blade--April 18, 1994

Book Jacket Synopsis

The time is 1974, and Max, who is fleeing from the wreckage of his first marriage, is a summer house guest on Lake Como, where he encounters the two characters who will shape his life over the next 20 years: Charlie Swan, a Harvard classmate from the 1950s turned famous architect....and Toby, a poised and polymorphous teenager who is soon to become Charlie's protégé and lover.

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