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Matters of Honor

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Selected Reviews

Publisher's Weekly November 20, 2006 

The New York Sun "About Begley" by Adam Kirsch--January 24, 2007

The Washington Post "School Ties" by Ron Charles--January 28, 2007

The New York Observer "Reborn in Harvard Yard, Three Pals Disown the Past" by Rebecca Goldstein--January 29, 2007

Daily News "Poor Little Rich Men" by David Hinckley--February 11, 2007

Booklist Review by Joanne Wilkinson

The New York Times "Hurdles in Harvard Yard and the World Beyond" by Michiko Kakutani--January 11, 2007 (A vintage rotten review)


Book Jacket Synopsis

At the beginning of the 1950s, three disparate young men are thrown together as roommates at Harvard College: Henry White, a Polish-Jewish refugee who survived World War II by hiding in Poland; Archibald P. Palmer III, an Army brat; and Sam Standish, ostensibly the scion of a fine New England family, who has just learned that he was adopted at birth by parents he cannot respect. Each seeks to come to terms with his identity or to remake it altogether. Henry's task is especially daunting: He is determined to live as an American, free of the shackles of his hideous past. But reinvention is a bargain with the devil, and over the years each will find that it comes at a high cost, challenging one's honor and loyalty to parents, friends, and ultimately oneself.


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