The Man Who 

Was Late

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Selected Reviews

Boston Sunday Globe "The Rueful Sensibility of Louis Begley" Review by Gail Caldwell, January 17, 1993

New York Review of Books Review by Gabriele Annan, January 28, 1993

The Chicago Tribune Holocaust Memories: Louis Begley Depicts a Man Who Tries to Flee from His Past" by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer--January 17, 1993

Book Jacket Synopsis

A man without a country or family, a Holocaust survivor, Ben long ago left the wreckage of Europe and recreated himself as a brilliant financier. Connected to the world by virtue of his globe-trotting deals, a few acquaintances, and his impeccable charm, Ben rejects the comforts of love. Certain that he will remain alone, he is shocked to discover Veronique--beautiful, unwisely married, and all that Ben suddenly knows he has always needed. 

Their stolen hours and weekends, their deep commitment to one another, fill their lives as nothing ever has. But the question remains: can Ben finally take what he has always denied himself?

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